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US Curriculum

US Curriculum is based on American Common Core State Standards for English, Language Arts, Math, History & Geography, as well as Next-Generation Science Standards. This allows for a wide range of curriculums to be tailored to each student’s needs. There are three stages of the American Curriculum: Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. English language, arts, mathematics, science, and social studies are the core subjects at each level. Additionally, students are exposed to visual and performing arts, foreign languages, physical education, and technology. The American Curriculum continuously assesses students through class discussions, group work, graphic organizers, writing assignments, peer assessments, quizzes, reflections, and projects.

A+PLUS offers the best US Academics Online tutoring services. Our goal is simple. We want your child to be the best in class. Whether it is to score better grades than last time or be a top student in class, our tutors are always ready to help students meet their academic needs. With our highly experienced tutors and in-depth knowledge of US Academics, we provide your child with the best learning experience possible. We simply need your requirements and your subject of interest, and the rest will be taken care of for you.


Our Unique Approach

  • Individual Attention: Each student receives one-on-one attention from qualified and personable tutors in the industry, in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Adaptable learning and flexible class scheduling for students.
  • Subject Matter Experts: A+Plus tutors are highly skilled and expert in the subject field, and can teach any student regardless of their background.
  • Continuous Evaluation: The progress of the student is monitored regularly, and the academic performance is shared with the parents.
  • Guaranteed Grade Improvement: Students excel by receiving expert guidance and custom lesson plans tailored to their needs.


At A+Plus, we strive to ensure that all our students succeed in their academic careers and gain deep knowledge about the subject they are studying. Our core goal is to develop the key abilities of our students to learn English with our Online English Tutors which include critical and analytical thinking, listening skills, and most importantly, creative development. To help each student excel in English learning, we have formulated precise strategies and a roadmap.

Science – the intense, exciting subject that enhances your child’s natural curiosity about the world around him or her. The subject might be easy for some students, but those who need additional tutoring support would benefit from expert guidance and a thorough understanding of the basics. The complexities and abstract concepts involved in most science topics overwhelm students. We provide tutoring methodologies, time management skills, and exam management in conjunction with detailed session plans tailored to your academic needs. By providing a supportive environment, our private tutors inspire students to think, question, and be curious. As a result, children begin to enjoy science. Tutors assist students in developing their skills in science and engineering. We provide help for students who are not motivated to study for their science final exams or to improve their science test scores.

We offer online biology tutoring with interactive and individualized lessons that are customized for each student’s level. Tutors at A+Plus are experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping students succeed. A clear understanding of Biology adds to the knowledge of the subject, and our online tutoring enables individuals to interact and understand topics without interruption. Biology taught by A+Plus tutors adds power and a rare opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. The free 30 minute trial session scheduled will enable students to choose a topic and get an idea of how the session is delivered.

The study of physics involves understanding its principles. Physics is the study of motion in relation to space, time, energy, and force. It is the foundation of all natural sciences. Hence, a solid foundation in physics is crucial and can be achieved through our online physics tutors. We support a conducive learning environment with a superior teacher-student relationship. Students are given instant access to our interactive whiteboard, helping them solve problems, draw diagrams, formulate formulas, and derive derivations to develop a deep understanding of the subject. A+PLUS provides physics tutoring tailored to the student’s needs. Our online physics tutoring makes learning physics quicker and easier.

Chemistry focuses on the combination, composition, and the use of properties derived from substances to benefit mankind. Chemicals are any substance that can be sold, liquid or gas. Our Chemistry, US curriculum tutors can help students struggling in their Chemistry class keep track of compositions, compounds, and elements. We will assist you in improving your grades and chemistry homework problems. As a result of our online chemistry classes, students will be prepared to tackle their chemistry studies effectively and confidently. We provide chemistry online tutoring sessions that involve personalized one-to-one instruction tailored to the school curriculum and learning objectives of each student. Students’ learning needs are analyzed and the learning levels are utilized so that a learning level-appropriate understanding of the basic concept and skill-building related to chemistry will be developed.

With a solid foundation, your child can handle Math confidently and can be well-prepared for continued math success in middle school and high school. Students perform at varying skill levels, which is why we utilize assessment diagnostics to identify each student’s abilities, and create a customized learning plan for each student – by not spending time on what they already know, but one that strengthens the skills they need. Our US Academics Math tutoring helps students with immediate homework help, test preparation, and academic support, thus filling the gaps in their mathematical knowledge. We strive to improve the students’ result in crucial exams through online tutoring. Our Math tutors online will work with you to catch up, keep up or get ahead in class. With our homework help, students start seeing homework as a challenge and a chance to learn, instead of a burden. Here are some topic areas students seek tutoring for:

Algebra is easy to learn by beginning at the basics and learning the basic rules before tackling the more difficult problems. Algebra becomes interesting when a student understands it clearly. This is where our online Algebra tutors come in handy. Our highly qualified, skilled and experienced online algebra tutors commit to helping you gain a comprehensive understanding of each algebraic topic through our unique tutoring sessions and assignments. A free demo session will also be provided on your topic of choice.

By mastering Trigonometry online through our Trigonometry course, your child will score higher on SAT and ACT assessments. Students can benefit from our personal trigonometry tutors as they cover basic concepts of trigonometry formulae, solve difficult questions, master key concepts, and receive personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions according to their convenience. Let us assist you with your interim tests, homework, and other academic needs. We offer one-on-one Trigonometry tutoring to help you learn and prepare for exams in a unique way. It’s fun to learn trigonometry online with our online tutoring sessions. Would you like to try a free online tutoring session? Book a demo with us today.

Geometry is the study of shapes and figures in Mathematics. In order to learn something completely, it is critical to have a clear understanding of the concept. The study of geometry can be very difficult without guidance from an experienced math tutor. Our online geometry tutors help you master this fascinating topic thoroughly with 24/7 online tutoring assistance and homework help. Students can practice each geometry topic with additional worksheets and problems provided by specially trained tutors. We create an engaging online learning environment for students to make their learning as helpful and efficient as possible. Over time, they build a constructive relationship with the students. As a result, students are more motivated to learn the basic concepts of the subject.

Calculus is the study of change, just as geometry is the study of shape. Calculus is unquestionably the most challenging high school math course your child will take, and one that plays a significant role in college admissions. A knowledge of calculus is also needed for many college courses and majors, such as engineering, math, physics, pre-med, and computer science. When an athlete is accelerating after the starting gun, how is it possible to determine exactly how fast they are going? By using calculus. Modern science is largely a result of the development of calculus and its application to physics and engineering. Calculus can be extremely challenging, even for the best math students, since it introduces abstract concepts such as parametric equations, integrals, and derivatives. With our US curriculum Calculus tutoring, your child will stand out with better grades. Our dedicated tutor will regularly meet with your child using our online live tutoring platform, to cover key concepts, assist with homework assignments, prepare for important tests and quizzes, and to work on all complicated calculus problems guided by our experienced private calculus tutors.

Accountancy, also known as accounting, is the language of business. Accounting, being the outcomes of language, communicates the business performance to the world aside from shareholders, lenders, governments, and boards of directors. Accountancy is the measurement and communication of financial data. It measures the financial health of an organization and provides the information to a variety of end users. Accounting tutors at A+Plus are committed to integrity, excellence, teamwork, and lifelong learning. Students can get accounting homework and assignment support from highly qualified tutors who are recruited from world-class institutions. Students are assigned apt tutors to handle their accountancy needs, and a demo session is held to give them a better understanding of the system. Once the student and parents have gone through the demo session, regular tutoring sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the student. Our online tutoring offers unmatched flexibility for your child’s learning needs and saves you time and money