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UK Curriculum

Established in 1988, the British Curriculum is one of the most widely taught educational systems in the world. A well-known and highly regarded curriculum in the international education realm is the British Curriculum. The National Curriculum for England also emphasizes creativity, critical thinking, and flexibility. In addition, the British Curriculum includes a series of measurable and achievable goals that build on what has come before while preparing students for the future. The curriculum includes both depth and breadth of subject knowledge, providing students with a well-rounded education. Students are regularly assessed through benchmarking, which ensures that they have mastered the content and are ready for IGCSE and A level qualifications.

The British Curriculum structures learning in a way that guides students through a variety of subjects including not only 'core' subjects such as math, science, and literature, but also the arts, humanities, and more. The British Curriculum is one of the most popular curricula in English-speaking international schools. As one of the leading international curricula, the British Curriculum is recognized by schools, academies, universities, and employers worldwide.


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