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Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum is a national curriculum for every primary and secondary school in Australia, which is being developed, reviewed, and implemented consistently. Curriculum development and review are carried out by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority.

A+PLUS offers the best Australian Academics Online tutoring services. We provide expert assistance and study help in all core subjects of the Australian Academics. Our excellent and affordable online tutors for Math, Chemistry, Physics, English, and Biology are well known for their thorough knowledge of the curriculum. Even if your child misses a class or doesn’t understand what their teacher taught in school, our tutors will provide the right strategies and tips to stay ahead in class. You can schedule a tutoring session at your convenience. Because we believe neither in geographical boundaries nor in time constraints. It’s about your comfort and the academic success of our students.

Students learn what it takes to be creative, confident, and active citizens through the Australian Curriculum. The government has set the goal for what all students should learn as they progress through their school careers – no matter where they live in Australia or what school they attend. Throughout the school year, students become familiar with eight subject areas, including English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Social Science, the arts, languages, and technologies. There are eight learning areas and subjects in the Australian Curriculum. A number of subjects are grouped together in certain academic areas: Humanities and Social Sciences include History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, etc. All states and territories have agreed to the Australian Curriculum, which is now being implemented.


Our Unique Approach

  • Individual Attention: The students receive one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of their own homes from experienced and qualified tutors.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Flexible class scheduling and adaptable learning.
  • Subject Matter Experts: A+Plus tutors are highly skilled and expert in the subject field, and can teach any student regardless of their background.
  • Continuous Evaluation: The progress of the student is monitored regularly, and the academic performance is shared with the parents.
  • Guaranteed Grade Improvement: Students excel by receiving expert guidance and custom lesson plans tailored to their needs.


The study of English helps students to communicate well, understand other subjects and become informed citizens. Our well-trained online English tutors provide tutoring which helps students discern differences between literature, language, and literacy by teaching them all rules of grammar, punctuation, and other nuances of the language. Our online English tutors for Australian Academics cater to providing online tutoring for all grades focusing on developing students’ knowledge, understanding, and skills in the core areas of language learning – Listening, Reading & viewing, writing & creating, Speaking. In our Australian Education system, the panel of English online tutoring gives tutoring for students keeping in mind the various tests they need to clear during their school years.

The study is on appraising claims, exploring ideas, cracking problems, sketching valid conclusions, and developing evidence-based arguments. The lessons in the science inquiry skills feature are handled in two years. The five sub-topics of science inquiry skills are Questioning and predicting, planning and conducting, Processing and analyzing data and information, Evaluating and Communicating. The lessons and topics of the science understanding strand will inform students’ understanding of contemporary issues such as climate change, use of resources, medical interventions, biodiversity, and the origins of the universe. At A+PLUS we comprise a panel of expert tutors who train the students keeping in mind the various tests they need to clear during their school years.

A+PLUS online Biology tutors for Australian Academics help students in Secondary & Senior Secondary Science with a set of varied skills valuable to multiple ranges of further learning pathways. General Science knowledge, as well as an understanding of biological concepts, is important to a range of careers like Eco-tourism, Medical, Food, and Marine Science, veterinary, biotechnology, conservation, etc. These subjects will guide the students to build a basic foundation to analytically consider and make decisions on present-day biological issues in day-to-day life. We help students develop their analytical and investigative skills through additional worksheets and supporting assignments. Our online Biology tutoring helps to develop a sense of inquisitiveness about life and living things and the environment around, how biological systems interact and the flow of matter between the systems, Understanding the theories and models connected to biological systems and processes, how the knowledge of Biology influences society in different contexts, to use creatively and analytically evidence-based arguments to evaluate claims and applying, to communicate findings, opinions, and inferences by using apt representations.

The study of physics involves understanding its principles. Physics is the study of motion in relation to space, time, energy, and force. It is the foundation of all-natural sciences. Hence, a solid foundation in physics is crucial and can be achieved through our online physics tutors. A+PLUS Physics tutors teach concepts of – Force, Motion, Matter, Energies and their transfers, Electricity. All these topics are handled to provide a firm understanding of the basic principles that makes them appreciate the subject when they move to the higher classes.

The Australian curriculum of Chemistry covers the vast areas in this branch of science. Students start to learn the basics of chemistry in the secondary grades. The senior secondary grades take them to the wider world of chemistry. Studying chemistry requires understanding the chemical systems and knowing more about matter and energy. A+PLUS Online Tutoring helps the students to learn the basics to the advanced levels of chemistry. Students enrolling with our Australian online Chemistry tutoring are taken through a diagnostic test. The result of this diagnostic test helps us to know the key area of focus needed. Based on that, our educational managers assign the apt online Chemistry tutor for the student. We make a continuous evaluation of the academic progress of the student. The feedback and remarks are shared with the parents at our parental portal. We aim at providing assistance to students who want to excel in learning Chemistry. Register with us today for our Free Live Demo Session.

Math can be handled confidently and your child can be well prepared for continued success in math. At A+PLUS we help students to achieve new goals in educational life. We focus on covering all the topics in Australian primary, secondary, and senior secondary mathematics. Students often find it difficult to understand certain areas of maths. The regular school teachers may not be able to clear the doubts of every student as it consumes a lot of time. Whether it be Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, derivatives, integrals of functions, we have the best online Math tutors available who focus on improving the students’ mathematical knowledge and skills. The key features of our online Math tutoring are result-oriented, accuracy and speed, low investment – high output method, and personalized services as per individuals. A+PLUS Math tutoring is aimed at providing a better idea to the student about the subject. Each and every student enrolling will be taken through a diagnostic test which helps us to understand the key area for which focus is needed. Our education manager analyses the diagnosis test result and will then assign a suitable online math tutor for the student. We provide students with the comfort of learning in a homely atmosphere. The online Math Tutors make a continuous evaluation of the academic performance of the student. For further details, register for our Free Live Demo session for Math and experience a new dimension of the learning experience.